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Meet The Team

The GM

Steve "Fursty Ferret" McGuiness

Taking over the Grand Master role in 2017 Fursty Ferret was not paying attention at the AGM and had just turned back from a humerous chat to find himself voted in as GM. That wiped the smile from his face.

01202 698165
On Sec

Linda "Pierced Nipple" Fraser
On Sec

With a natural gift for organisation Pierced Nipple was a natural to be On Sec which also gives her the perfect placement to keep an eye on the GM.

07974 387925
Hash Cash

Ann"Blue Sox"Crouch
Hash Cash

Renowned tightwad and fiscal tyrant Blue Sox will make sure money flows nicely into Hash coffers and has to fight its way out. Late payments at your own risk

Hash Grandfather

Alan "Gates" Reynolds
Hash Godfather and Shandyman

If Alan can't answer a question about the Wessex then no-one can but ask him anything else and Poppet will give you the answer.

01202 826564
Hair razor

Maggie "Sniff'n'Scratch" Worth
Joint Mistress & Haberdasher

A master Haberdasher and now Joint Mistress Maggie could sell sand to Arabs and probably solve the Middle East Crisis as well.

Joint Mistress

Tricia "Shitzoo" Kingsland
Joint Mistress

Named after a poor type of animal sanctuary or a breed of dog tricia keeps unruly hashers in check by being dafter than any of them

01202 826564

Colin "Snorkel" Shearing
Hash Dustman

Retired to a life of hard work this athlete is the authority on trail laying. Once the hash gigolo but now tamed.

01202 575903

Paul ""Tall Paul" Simmonds
Religeous Advisor (RA)

Well known for blowing his own trumpet Tall Paul ended a world tour of America to take the Wessex challenge and is the Religeous Advisor making sure no faux pas, gaffe, blunder or mistake goes unpunnished.

07480 262269

Nikki "Lapdancer" Sweeney
Joint Mistress

Joined Hash, went out for "civilised" drink with Sniff"n"Scratch and ended up injured and on the Mismanagement

Mismanagement Blank

Richard "K9" Lane
Hare Razer

Want join in with the fun and set a run? Speak to K9. Want to sit back and not join in? He will speak to you and make an offer you cannot refuse

phone No
Mismanagement Blank

Jackie "Arseabout" Vincent
Deputy Hare Razer

Someone needs to keep Fursty Ferret in check, Jackie is the brains of the outfit

phone No
Mismanagement Blank

For any one wanting to contribute

Just put yourself forward. No need for any skills or talents just a wish to take part and help the hash flourish

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